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Scientific evidence about Existence of Bosnian Pyramids

10 May 2006

Discovery of Bosnian Pyramids was not simply an ad-hoc affair, but required combination of classic geo-archaeological methods with modern geophysical and remote sensing technologies.
The team, therefore, includes not only archaeologists, but also geologists (mineralogists/petrologists, hydrologists and sedimentologists), geophysicists, paleontologists, speleologists, anthropologists, mining engineers as well as anthropologists. Each one of these experts brings their qualifications and expertise into the project with a great enthusiasm and collegiality. report (pdf)

Stone Objects found at the excavation site 6 May 2006

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Tool that have shape of butchers cutter. Drawings that look like a boat on the stone block .




Excavations back pyramid theory 2 May 2006

Some 20 days into the excavations at Bosnia’s Valley of Pyramids and evidence is mounting that a manmade, pyramidal structure exists at Visocica.

The clearest sign that the Pyramid of the Sun is a manmade structure has come to light with the
unearthing of massive stone blocks that have been found in three areas of the excavations, including the North, South, and East sides of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun at Visocica Hill.
The blocks weigh between five and 30 tonnes – similar to those found in pyramids in Mexico
and Egypt. While a number of archaeological experts had argued that the existing structures
had been created by Neolithic cave people as a burial site, the nature of the blocks has
disproven this theory; these blocks have been produced and transported with a technology
that was not accessible to the cave man.
Satellite imaging, aerial photographs and geographic maps have also shown that
this hill has four sides, like other existing pyramids around the world. All four sides
are identical and match the points of the compass, facing north, south, east and west.
These findings have been borne out by satellite, thermal and radar analysis, geological,
geodetic and topographic investigations.
Mirko Babic, director of the Semberija museum, and professor Lovrenovic from Croatia.
are among the professionals who support these findings and have given the project
their backing. The Foundation Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of Sun is now
inviting experts in archaeology to join other experts at the site and to be part of
this groundbreaking work. excavation sites



15 April 2006 15.00 hours (GMT + 1 hour)
New confirmation about Pyramids in Bosnia Valley of Pyramids
Bosnian Geodetic Institute (Geodetski Zavod BiH) is confirmed previous findings of the
Foundation Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun .
‘ If we connect a top of the pyramids (Sun, Moon, Dragon) by drawing a line. We can see that distance is equal. This lines are forming triangle. Sides of the triangle have equal lengths.’
Angles of this triangle are 60 degrees exactly (not any minute difference).
Length of the edges of the Bosnian Pyramid of Sun is 365 metars (???)
Experts from Institute were using scientific tools to confirme this.

image1 image2



15 April 2006 14.00 hours (GMT + 1 hour)
In The last 24 hours Bosnian Pyramids are breaking news around internet. TV and newspapers are interested place Visoko ‘Little place in on geographic maps but huge on archeological maps’
Others about bosnian pyramid of sun


14 April 2006
Local people found mysterious stone blocks with a writings on it...and more local


14 April 2006
Excavations begin at Bosnia’s Valley of Pyramids

After months of development work and planning, three project teams are in place to begin the formal excavations and restoration at The Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The excavations are being overseen by the official Foundation of The Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, based in Sarajevo.

The teams will investigate and protect the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, now considered the most significant archaeological monument in Europe .

The initial excavations will focus on three areas:
-the monumental tiled plateau
-the walls of the pyramid
-mapping of the underground complex of tunnels and spaces.

The excavators will need to remove about 15 cm of moss and clean the stone blocks of the pyramid. Access stairs will be developed on the western and northern sides of the pyramid. The stones that make up the northern and eastern sides of the pyramid are, as a result of erosion and natural deposits, covered by layers of earth up to a depth of 2.5m so these areas will take longer to excavate but because of this excavators are expecting to find blocks in very good condition

The underground tunnels will be cleaned under supervision, with earth, gravel and stones removed from overfilled tunnels and deposited outside. excavation sites





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Map Of Bosnia's Valley of The Pyramids
Map of Visoko Valley



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