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Local legend 14 April 2006

The Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is gathering local stories which it hopes will help resolve the mystery of the existence of pyramids in Bosnia. One of the legends it heard about has been kept for centuries by the local people. According to local legend, when the Turkish empire started to invade Bosnia in the 14th century, the Turks heard a story from an old woman who was living at the bottom of the Visocica hill.She said, “Nobody is allowed to live in the ancient town located at top of the hill unless they are prepared to guard its secret, hidden under the town, with their life.” The old town was once the base of a Bosnian king, Tvrtko of Kotromanic (1338-1391).She said that the town hid a secret ‘that wears two layers’. She said, “One layer has been brought there and is getting worn off by the rain (the earth layer). The second layer is an ‘eggshell’ layer which is thin and fragile. If the eggshell gets damaged and its contents are taken away by water (flood), this will cause bad luck for the people of the Valley.”

Legend says that Turks were so scared at this story that they never invaded the town on top of the Pyramid of Sun, even though it was the capital of the Bosnian state at that time. They moved on with their invasion, taking the towns of Travnik and Jajce. As a result, Bosnia became part of the Turkish Empire as its most western point in Europe at that time.



Local people found mysterious stone blocks 12 April 2006

Local Bosnian people (village Podvisok) who are living below the Bosnian Pyramid of Sun reported a new findings. While they were doing work on their local road they discovered a stone blocks.

These stones are precut and different from previously found blocks because on some of these blocks we have inscriptions (signs).This finding is reported to Semir Osmanagic.

Osmanagic says ‘when we start excavations we expect to find more hidden secrets of the Visocica Hill.


Local people also reported hearing echoes 9 April 2006

Local Bosnian Enver Buza, who was at Visocica during the war, witnessed a strange phenomenon at the Bosnia Pyramid of the Sun. When a bomb exploded near the pyramid, he heard the explosion as if it had travelled through the mountain itself. He said, “It sounded like the explosion of mines very deep below the surface and as if it had travelled through a series of tunnels.” As a result, he wondered if there were tunnels inside the mountain and, when he mentioned this later to a colleague, he found out that children in the area used to explore the mountainous area through a series of tunnels just north of the pyramid – while other local children claim to have explored tunnels in the pyramid itself.




What is inside the pyramids in Bosnia?

Local Bosnians have known for some time of a network of tunnels inside the Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon, although the entrances to each pyramid have been shut off to the public since the ‘60s.When Bosnian explorer started to explore the site, he uncovered the gated entrances and investigated about 200m of a tunnel in the larger pyramid. What he found is that the tunnels are manmade, with straight-sided walls. He stopped his investigations when he reached a junction in the tunnel, where it branched off to a number of smaller tunnels, all at 90 degrees to each other.There are local stories of Bosnian children entering the smaller pyramid, just across a small river that divides the site, and emerging at the top of the larger pyramid, next to the ruins of a medieval walled town. This suggests that one of the tunnels may connect the two pyramids, and that there is extensive tunnelling inside the pyramids. Bosnian Explorers anticipate finding chambers within pyramid, in the side of the structure — like the pyramids in Egypt and Mexico. Last summer, when local Bosnians were digging in their garden to build a swimming pool, they found a wall with an entrance to a tunnel into the Pyramid of the Sun.Semir Osmanagic has also reported the existence of two ponds under the Pyramid of the Sun.



Local Stories

Tunnels have been discovered during the excavation work. The maze of tunnels is several kilometres long including junctions. Similar tunnels and chambers have been found in pyramidal



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Map Of Bosnia's Valley of The Pyramids
Map of Visoko Valley



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