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The initial excavations will focus on three areas:

The monumental tiled plateau (Pyramid of the Sun), the walls of the pyramidsand mapping of the underground complex of tunnels and spaces.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon


Vratnica Site

Temple of the Earth

Bosnian Pyramid of the Dragon

Bosnian Pyramid of the Love

 (There is no work going on at the moment)

Temple (BanovDol near Travnik)



Archaeological Park:Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun It is assumed that Visocica Hill is not natural Formation because of the following:

Visocica’s geometrical shape:The four perfectly shaped slopespoint toward the cardinal points;it also has a flat top and an entrance complex images

The geological reportcarried out by experienced geologists report

Analysis of Satellite Images report

Proof of manmade A maze of tunnels that connect the individual pyramids across the complex. images

The results of the thermal imaging of the site indicates the existence of a pyramidalcomplex in the valley report

Local people have reported finding blocks, slabsin the area. Some blocks havebeen found while digging to a depth of 2.5m to 4m. images

Local people also reported hearing echoes inside the hillduring the bombardment ofVisocica during the war in Bosnia (1992-95) stories

Detailed maps reveal terracing down the hill (1:25000) map




After months of development work and planning, three project teams are in place to begin the formal excavations and restoration at The Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The excavations are being overseen by the official Foundation of The Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, based in Sarajevo.

The teams will investigate and protect the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, now considered the most significant archaeological monument in Europe and attracting global media interest.

The excavators will need to remove about 15 cm of moss and clean the stone blocks of the pyramid. Access stairs will be developed on the western and northern sides of the pyramid. The stones that make up the northern and eastern sides of the pyramid are, as a result of erosion and natural deposits, covered by layers of earth up to a depth of 2.5m so these areas will take longer to excavate but because of this excavators are expecting to find blocks in very good condition.

The underground tunnels will be cleaned under supervision, with earth, gravel and stones removed from overfilled tunnels and deposited outside.



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BOSNIAN PYRAMID - The first European Pyramid discovered in BOSNIA





Map Of Bosnia's Valley of The Pyramids
Map of Visoko Valley



Tunel Ravne skica
Tunel Ravne interactive map