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Visiting the Valley of Pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia

Bosnia is in Southern Europe and forms part of the Balkans. It remains unspoiled as a tourist destination so it’s a great time to visit and experience the real country and its people. Bosnia’s history goes back thousands of years. The country has a unique natural beauty with mountainous regions, making it ideal for hiking and climbing, with activities including rafting and skiing available. Sarajevo is the Capital and is a popular tourist destination, as is Mostar.

Visoko is situated 30 km north of Sarajevo in central Bosnia and Herzegovina and has about 50,000 residents. The city is especially famous for its leather industry. It is located on the road between Zenica and Sarajevo and the Bosna river runs through it. The town remains quiet but the growing interest in the nearby Pyramid of the Sun is likely to drive a burgeoning tourist industry.

Visoko means "high place" in the Bosnian language. It is in a beautiful mountain valley and a walk to the top of these mountains is rewarded by spectacular views for several kilometres. Visoko is at the foot of the Dinaric Alps with alpine scenery stretching from just behind the town towards the ancient city of Fojnica (natural spa). Visitors can spend many days hiking and camping in this region, supported by local guides. The region around Visoko offers much natural beauty and a real chance to escape from the world in spectacular surroundings.


Must see:
Old Mosque (Stara Dzamija)

If you would like to see an example of very old Turkish Ottoman architecture in Visoko, then take time to visit this beautiful wooden mosque.

Wooden Mosque

Take some time to walk around the streets of Visoko, especially if you are not used to an old traditional Bosnian or Balkan town. It is an attractive town with beautiful houses and traces remain of the old Ottoman Empire, with Austrian influences. Many of the houses have the red roofs common to Bosnia, and the people are very friendly.

Transport to Visoko

There are regular buses ot Visoko from Sarajevo. The buses leave every hour from Sarajevo Central Bus Station and costs 2 Euro (single). The journey is around 30 km and it takes about an hour to reach Visoko along mountain routes. Trains are not as frequent as buses but run about three times a day, from Sarajevo Central Station to Visoki. Taxis are reliable and the journey will cost just over 20 Euros from Sarajevo to Visoko; prices from Visoko to Sarajevo are cheaper.

Day Excursion to Visoko

Day Excursion To Visoko


Visoko City Museum
It’s offering lots of evidence and remains from the rich history of Visoko.

Town Museum - Visoko



Patisserie (Slasticarna Fontana)

Place to try traditional Bosnian cakes
(Ask for Baklava or Tufahija…(stuffed apple)


Place to stay:
Motel Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun
(formerly Hollywood) Address: Musala 1, 71300 Visoko, Bosnia





Souvenir Shop (Kucna radinost)
(opposite Ihtijarevic Cevabdžinica )

Address :Caršijska 40



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BOSNIAN PYRAMID - The first European Pyramid discovered in BOSNIA





Map Of Bosnia's Valley of The Pyramids
Map of Visoko Valley



Tunel Ravne skica
Tunel Ravne interactive map