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British tourist visits the Pyramid of the Sun 29 April 2007

Caroline from London sent us her picture from the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun when she visited for the first time in April. A friend took the image using her digital camera at around 7 PM 12-04-2007. It wasn’t until later that they noticed the bright lights surrounding her image. She assumes they are insects of some kind, but doesn’t recall seeing anything around her at the time. Spooky! Do you have any interesting experiences or images to share? Send them to our Editor at:


Caroline from London

Caroline from London

Mystery of the Moon pyramid 24 February 2006

An intriguing story about the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon emerged this week. A local man who lives near the Pyramid of the Moon, and whose family has owned land on the site for more than two hundred years, told us the following. During the winter (which can be severe in this region), there is an area on the Pljesevica Hill - now known as Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon - where the snow clears very quickly, in just a couple of days. This has always been considered unusual as the rest of the area keeps its snow during the winter time for many weeks without melting. With the theory of the pyramid emerging, he believes that the snow could be melting as a result of underground chambers inside the pyramid.




Visocica Story 7 June 2006

There were many strange occurrences in the area around Visocica that were shrugged off by locals and have only been explained since the excavations began at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. One story involved a local family that, two years ago, started to dig the foundations for their family home. However, they could only dig to a certain depth, where they discovered massive slabs that stopped them going any further. They tried again and again to get through the rock, chipping away at the slabs with tools for several days and well into the nights – but found they were having little impact on the stones blocking their work. Eventually, they had to stop their work due to complaints from neighbours – on the other side of the ‘mountain’! The hammering at night had been keeping them awake. We now know that the noise from their digging and hammering had been echoing through the chambers and tunnels inside the pyramid – although at the time, there seemed no explanation for why families on the other side of a mountain should hear the work that had been going on. The presence of the pyramid also helps explain why the stone slabs were there in the first place!


Local farmer stumbles across mysterious plateau 6 Aug 2006

A television show in Bosnia recently reported a story about a local person in Visoka who tried to dig a well in his garden but, instead of finding water, ended up helping to prove that the field was part of a manmade access plateau to a pyramid.In 1992, the local man, Ekrem, decided to build himself a well on his land and asked some dowsers to help locate the water on his land. The men pointed to a specific part of a field and said he’d find water there, at a depth of about 6m.Drilling started, but after about one metre hit rocks and the machine could not break through any further. Ekrem kept on digging, however, using a hammer and a metal rod and gradually got through layer after layer of sandstone tiles. His neighbours, who lived some 50m away from this site, for some reason heard the sound of his hammering – the noise must have carried through the layers of sandstone to neighbouring areas.Eventually, after Ekrem had dug through about 3m of these tiles, he hit natural rock and gave up – it was just too hard for him to get through. Some time later, he heard of the work of the APBPS Foundation and asked them to check it out. The APBPS cleaned the area around the hole and confirmed that it was part of a manmade plateau covered with sandstone slabs.Ekrem had found other sandstone slabs in his field while he was ploughing and had moved a number of them to a corner of the field – others had been destroyed. Osmangic believes that this example helps prove that the access plateau is made from sandstone slabs. At that specific point, the site of the well, the slabs are some 3m deep and have been built over the natural hill etc.

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The area was, however, mined during the war and experts will need to be brought in to remove the mines before further exploration can take place.

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