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Extracts fromthe official reports intothe excavations at the first

known pyramid in Europe, Visocica.

The report is provided by Semir Osmanagic (November 2005)

The author of the report is geologist Nadza Nukić, an expert with 25 years experience
working as a geologist throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The reports says:

- The shape of Visocica Hill is consistent with that of a pyramid, having four identical sides, with the exception of the front side which accesses a plateau. Nature does not make correct geometrical shapes like this and the rocks could not have been formed in this pattern by natural forces

- Three excavations have taken place at the described location. These ascertained that there is a consistent pattern up the side of the pyramid; an angled side followed by a flat horizontal section of 2.5m, like a stair, which continues to the apex of Visocica Hill

Superficial digging has confirmed that the contours of the blocks have specific geometrical shapes. By cleaning these blocks we can see that all these blocks are layered on each other with each block set slightly indented to the one below.

It is interesting that the blocks are covered with moss and so remain intact. Two blocks were discovered during the excavation we carried out and we can clearly see the sides of the two blocks and the area where they were joined together. We have done more cleaning on these joints and found that the sides between the joins are very finely ground.

On location at the second area of excavation we noticed the appearance of sanded blocks and these blocks are set in an orderly pattern across this area. One of the blocks was excavated from a depth of 1.7m. It was found to have circular patterns which will be analysed further; it is thought that they are man made.

The length and size of the third excavation is 9.3m x 9.8m and we can conclude from previous excavations that the plateau is most probably completely covered with these blocks. These blocks do not have the appearance of stairs but follow the angle of the hill. By looking closely at these blocks we can see that they are man made. We can therefore conclude that all these blocks have been cut into the required dimensions to create this structure.

We can conclude, from all these factors, the hypothesis that the Visocica Hill is a colossal stone structure - a pyramid. The walls of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun are made from precut blocks which have been moved to this location. The access plateau is of monumental dimensions (around 15,000 sqm) and is paved with cut stone slabs.

Given these factors, we can discount this being a natural phenomena.

A foundation has, as a result, been created with the name, Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. At this stage it includes nearly 200 intellectuals from Bosnia and other parts of the world. This brilliant concentration of knowledge and enthusiasm will ensure the continuation of the project with further exploration planned for April 2006.

S Osmanagić



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