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22 May 2012 Visoko


Dear volunteers, This letter goes to 665 volunteers from 52 countries and six continents who have applied for this year's "International Summer Camp for Volunteers - Bosnian Pyramids 2012". I'm proud of such a huge interest from all over the world. First shift will start in two weeks. We expect you to come Sunday afternoon, get accommodated first day. Next day, our archaeologist dr. Ricardo Brett (Italy) will give you introduction in archaeological methodology and our project highlights. Same day, I will personally guide the first shift volunteers to several locations. Starting Tuesday, you will start working on Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (new section of the corner and northern section of the pyramid), Underground Labyrinth "Ravne" (tunnel that leads to the Pyramid, structure below the surface) and, for the first time, we will dispose several teams to the preliminary digs at the pyramids of Dragon, Love and Mother Earth. First few days, we will also spend working on the access to the pyramids (steps repair, wooden handrails). It's exciting season in front of us. If you have any questions please contact: - Ricardo Brett, questions regarding archaeology: - Sabina Osmanagich, regarding accommodation and dates: - Office, regarding new applications:




10 february 2012 Sarajevo


- 4.-5. februar 2012. Dallas (USA), 13-15 hours
- 16.-17. februar 2012., Berlin , 19 hours
- 18. februar 2012., Munich (Germany)
- 2. mart 2012., Dubrovnik (Hrvatska) hotel Rixos-Libertas, 20 hours
- 10. mart 2012., Rome (Italija)
- 15. – 18. mart 2012, Stokholm, Geteborg, Malme (Švedska)
- 24. mart 2012., Pazin (Istra, Hrvatska), festival „Istrakon”, 17 hours
- 31. mart 2012., Dubai (Ujedinjeni Arapski Emirati)
- 1. april 2012., Abu Dhabi (Ujedinjeni Arapski Emirati)
- 3. april 2012, Doha (Ujedinjeni Arapski Emirati)
- 7. – 8. april 2012., Amsterdam (Nizozemska), Earth-Keeper Conference
- 8. april 2012., Amsterdam (Nizozemska), 20 hours, javno predavanje
- 10. april 2012., Houston (USA), 19 hours, DA Lone Star Chapter
- 21. – 22. april 2012., Barcelona (Španija)
- 13. – 20. juli 2012., otok Pašman (Croatia), seminar
- 8. – 12. august 2012., Romania
- 19. august 2012., Pescara (Italija)
- 8. septembar 2012., Sarajevo (BiH), Conference „Skrivena historija”
- 22. septembar 2012., Marquette (Michigan, USA), Conference AAPS
- 29. septembar 2012., St. Joseph (Michigan,USA), Conference „Storehouse of Knowledge”
- 11. – 14. oktobar 2012., Loisville (Kentucky, USA), Conference „Pythagora Conference”
- 10.-11. decembar 2012., Little Rock (Arkansas, USA), Conference „12-12-12 Earth Keeper”
More information (




27 January 2012 Sarajevo


Energy beam coming from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

Energy beam coming from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (graphic image)



Almost everything they teach us about the ancient history is wrong: origin of men, civilizations and pyramids. Homo sapiens sapiens is not a result of the evolution and biologists will never find a “missing link”, because the intelligent man is product of genetic engineering. Sumerians are not the beginning of the civilized men, but rather beginning of another cycle of humanity. And finally, original pyramids, most superior and oldest, were made by advanced builders who knew energy, astronomy and construction better than we do. 

In order to understand the ancient monuments, we need to view them through three realms: physical, energy and spiritual. Our scientific instruments are simply not enough to explain the purpose of oldest pyramids, for example. Mainstream scientists, archaeologists, historians and anthropologists, are often main obstacle for scientific progress. 

Gap between physical and spiritual science is to be bridged if we want to get fully understanding of the past. 

Twelve hundred ton stone block in Baalbeck (Lebanon) needs explanation. Who was able to shape, move and install four times bigger blocks than our, 21st century, capabilities? Yonaguni megalithic monuments (Japan) do belong to the previous cycle of humanity. They are undeniable proof, on the bottom of the Pacific floor, 80 meters below the ocean level, that advanced culture lived in the area more than 12.000 years ago before huge quantities of ice melted and caused Pacific level to rise for 80 meters. Machu Picchu (Peru) tells the story of four distinctive civilizations and different construction styles, first civilization being the most advanced. At the same time, all the history books make up story of Inkas being the builders of “royal retreat” in the recent times. New dating of Peruvian, Mexican, Chinese and Egyptian pyramids will take us back much before recognized history and known rulers. 

Oldest Chinese and Egyptian pyramids are much superior to those made later, as unsuccessful replicas. Older are built from granite and sandstone blocks, more recent ones are much smaller built from bricks and mud. Traces of more advanced beings are everywhere around us. In the meantime, mainstream scientists try to fit those monuments into their time coordinates, falsifying the truth. 

Two hundred Cahokia pyramids show astronomical knowledge of the builders who moved several millions tons of construction materials and who knew the difference between cosmic and magnetic north. Mayan world is an example of the knowledge of Universe. Our Solar system circles Milky Way and that 26-thousand years cycle (“long count calendar”) affect all living life on our Planet. Anasazies, ancestors of Pueblo Indians, didn’t need alphabet or physical communication means to recognize danger in different dimensions coming from the depth of Universe. 

As long as they stay within the box, mainstream archaeologists will never be able to explain tooling and logistic needed to build stone heads on Easter Islands, shape granite blocks of Akapana pyramid complex in Bolivia or create chambers of Giza pyramids. 

Stone spheres of western Mexico, southern Costa Rica, Easter Island or twenty locations in remote Bosnia-Herzegovina, are obvious proof of understanding and manipulating of shapes and energy in the distant past. 

On top of all that, discovery of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids is telling us that we don’t know our Planet. We might go to the Moon (temporarily, until threaten), but we still need to explore our Mother Earth. More secrets wait to be uncovered and, with the ancient knowledge, help us reach our balance back. 


In April 2005 I first traveled to the town of Visoko, 20 miles northwest from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. My attention was caught by two regularly shaped hills, which I later named the Bosnian Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. For thousands of years locals have considered those hills to be natural phenomena because they were covered by soil and vegetation. However, when I first saw their triangular faces, obvious corners and orientation toward the cardinal points, I knew that they had to be constructed by a force other than nature.  Since I had been investigating pyramids for decades I knew that the pyramids found in China, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador had the same type of soil and vegetation coverage. 

In 2005 work was begun on this project and construction companies and geologists were paid (out of my pocket) to do core drilling and geo-morphological analysis. We then announced to the world, at the press conference, that the first pyramids in Europe had been discovered.   

Shortly thereafter we established the non-profit Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundationand since that time the pyramid investigations in Bosnia have become the world’s largest inter-disciplinary archaeological project. We have spent over 340.000 man-hours in archaeological excavation, sample testing and radiocarbon dating in the period from 2005 to 2011. We determined that the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids consists of five pyramids discovered to date which I named: The Bosnian Pyramids of the Sun, Moon, Dragon, Mother Earth and Love. The site also includes a tumulus complex and a huge underground labyrinth. 

This discovery is historic and changes the knowledge of the early history of Europe for several reasons: 

  1. These are the first pyramids discovered in Europe
  2. The site includes the largest pyramid structure in the world—The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun with its height of over 220 meters is much higher than the Great Pyramid of Egypt (147 meters).
  3. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has, according to the Bosnian Institute for Geodesy, the most precise orientation towards cosmic north with the error of 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 12 seconds. 
  4. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is completely covered by rectangular concrete blocks. The properties of the concrete, including extreme hardness (up to 133 MPs) and low water absorption (around 1%), are, according to the scientific institutions in Bosnia, Italy and France, far superior to modern concrete materials.
  5. The pyramids are covered by soil which is, according to the State Institute for Agro-pedology, approx. 12,000 years old. Radiocarbon dating from the paved terrace on Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, performed by Institute of Physics of Silesian Institute of Technology from Gliwice (Poland) confirmed that terrace was built 10.350 years ago (+/- 50 years). These finding confirm that the Bosnian pyramids are also the oldest known pyramids on the planet.
  6. Beneath the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids there is an extensive underground tunnel and chamber network which runs for a total of more than ten miles.
  7. Ceramic sculptures have been discovered in the underground labyrinth with a mass of up to 20,000 pounds which makes them the largest found so far from the ancient world. 

The list of the wonders in Bosnian archaeology does not end here. In the vicinity, we discovered the tallest tumulus in the World: 61 meter high. Its nearest competitor, Sillbury Hill in England is 60 meters high. The Bosnian tumulus consists of two-layer megalithic terraces, clay layers and artificial concrete layers. 

A team of physicists detected an energy beam coming through the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The radius of the beam is 4.5 meters with a frequency of 28 kHz.  The beam is continuous and its strength grows as it moves up and away from the pyramid. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of physic and technology. This is the first proof of non-herzian technology on the Planet. It seems that the pyramid-builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago and this “energy machine” is still working. 

In the underground labyrinth, in 2010, we discovered three chambers and a small blue lake. Energy screening shows that the ionization level is 43 times higher than the average concentration outside which makes the underground chambers into “healing rooms”. 

Further electromagnetic detection in 2011 confirmed that levels of negative radiation through the Hartman, Curry and Schneider grids are equal to zero in the tunnels. There was no technical radiation (from power lines and/or other technology) found in the tunnels and no cosmic radioactivity. Ceramic sculptures are positioned over the underground water flows and the negative energy is transformed into positive.  All of these experiments point to the underground labyrinth as one of the most secure underground constructions in the world and this makes it an ideal place for the body’s rejuvenation and regeneration. 

Two hundred years of Egyptology has not produced a satisfactory answer to the question of what the real purpose was for the oldest and most superior pyramids. 

In only six years, our research in Bosnia has applied inter-disciplinary scientific methods, to look at this complex through the physical, energetic and spiritual dimensions.  We have had pioneering results which affects the entire sphere of knowledge and Pyramid Science.  Our history is changing with each new discovery. 

Perhaps by changing our beginnings or learning to better understand our beginnings we can also change our present and our future for the better.

Dr.sci. Sam Semir Osmanagich
Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
Professor of Anthropology at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Dr.sci. Sam Semir Osmanagich
Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
Professor of Anthropology at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina


15 January 2012 Sarajevo

Project wins court case


The "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" has won a major victory in its bid to uncover the potential remains of a lost civilisation beneath the rocks and soil of the hill of Visocica.
The organisation has been attempting to win permission to excavate the site, which it believes hides a major pyramidal structure, since 2005 when explorer Dr Semir Osmanagic first proposed his theory that Visocica hill is actually an ancient pyramid, which he named the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.
In 2007, the "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" prepared an interdisciplinary scientific research project of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and submitted its papers to the Government in order to request permission to explore the site.
Although the organisation had previously had permission to explore much of the area, this had been revoked when the Ministry of Culture and Sports extended a protected area on the hill, citing concerns that an ancient fort and town sited at the top of Visocica would be damaged by the work being carried out by Osmanagic.

In fact the Ministry of Physical Planning was also prepared to issue a license to the Foundation to give it permission to research the area but their application was subsequently turned down on three separate occasions by the Ministry of Culture and Sports (signed: Minister Gavrilo Grahovac).

They claimed that permission for the project could not be given “because the project envisaged measures that threaten cultural property, the planned measures are not of a permanent character and do not provide permanent protection of the archaeological site, and anticipated work would not have provided a professional approach to research."

However, the Foundation stressed that its project meets all the measures designed to protect cultural property in the manner prescribed by law for the protection of cultural heritage. It also pointed out that those participating in the project design and research team included 47 eminent international scientists and experts.
The Foundation went on to request permits for archaeological and supporting research, arguing that it would ensure the conservation and preservation of the historical area of ​​the ‘Old Town Visoki’.
Four years later, on 26th October 2011, the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo issued a final verdict upholding the complainant. Thus, after four years, the Pyramid project finally gets its green light – and the attitude of the Federal Service for Protection of Monuments towards the project has been open to questioning. Osmanagic was delighted with the outcome, saying, “Justice is slow but attainable. It is time to begin to demolish the bureaucratic world of negative attitude towards project.”




11 January 2012 Visoko

Foundation will organize third Summer Camp 


Volunteeers will work in 14-days shifts (two weeks) as folow: 

3 June– 17 June 2012
17 June– 1 July 2012
1 July – 15 July 2012
15 July – 29 July 2012
29 July – 12 August 2012
12 August – 26 August 2012
26 August – 9 Septembar 2012


Apply by filling an Application Form.



10 December 2011

The Revelation Pyramids - MOVIE

For centuries the Great Pyramids have fascinated mankind and each year brings a batch of new theories from the plausible to the absolutely bizarre. After nearly forty years of study and research, the producers of this documentary have at last managed first to understand and then to prove what lies behind one of the greatest archaeological mysteries.
Patrice Pooyard, the director of the film guides you through the world’s oldest and most beautiful sites after six years of investigation, aided by his anonymous informants and technical specialists. The result will shake the world history to its very core, and revolutionise Egyptology entirely.


The Revelation Pyramids



2 December 2011 JAKARTA - Garut Pyramid was found by chance

The attention of archaeologists are now leading to Mount Sadahurip in Garut, West Java. A big mystery waiting to be revealed: there is a large man-made pyramid, which supposedly older and larger than the Giza Pyramids in Egypt? Story of the discovery of the pyramid Garut similar to what happened in Bosnia in 2005.

Garut Pyramid


Office of the Special Staff of President of the Field of Social Assistance and Disaster, Iwan Sumule confirmed: no. "Garut Pyramid was found by chance when the team researching the history of earthquake

"This is not natural but man made . " Teams also use interferometric methods Syntetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR). "Resulting images completely naked. Can be seen (in pictures) that is yellow stone, while the color blue is water, "he explained. Previously, the Directorate General of History and Antiquities Ministry of Education and Culture stated, it is not impossible Indonesia has a pyramid. "It is quite possible there are pyramids in Garut, because there punden terraces and buildings in the temple of the Soul, "said Secretary of Directorate General of History and Antiquities, Soerosa, as in a release received VIVAnews , Sunday, November 27, 2011. Temple of the Soul is a temple in Karachi is thought to date from the 4th century AD. To evidence, said Soeroso, excavation must be done. Purba catastrophic Team that has been informally coordinate is expected to soon complete its findings in order to continue to the stage of excavation. Soeroso explained, an alleged pyramid buried deep in the soil is most likely to occur. New- Recently, in a mountainous area Waterford found relics of the temple are buried as deep as 8 meters from the ground




Garu Pyramid IFSAR


2 December 2011

Bosnian Pyramids ICBP 2011 - Dr Sara Acconci and the Ravne Tunnel Excavations - YouTube

12 November 2011


This year's largest metaphysical conferences on American soil called "11/11/11",Arkansas, Little Rock . Five
hundred people from around the world, from Australia to Canada, from Turkey to Brazil and all over
The United States came to hear leading researchers in the field of alternative history in which lies the greatest
deposits of quartz crystal in the northern hemisphere.

Michael Kreme has made a global impact with his books about the "forbidden archeology" and "human
Devolution. "Jon Major Jenkins is renowned for his decades-long work in the Maya world.
Among the three leading Conference speakers was Dr. Semir Osmanagich.
During his presentation Osmanagich showed different concept of pyramids in the world,
a detailed chronology of research and the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids
underground labyrinth, and the testing and measuring energy phenomena in Visoko. After the presentation,
Osmanagich had standing ovation of 500 attendees.

Conference Organizer geologist James Tyberon, thanked to Osmanagich for the lecture,
said: "This is a brilliant scientist who heralded a new era of human consciousness. The leading spiritual figures
in the future will come from the academic community, making a connection between the material and spiritual science. his
working with the Bosnian pyramids will have far-reaching global impact, and in this way will have our full
support ".

A number of attendees announced their arrival in the Bosnian Valley Pyramid as tourists and volunteers in 2012.

semir osmanagic image




11 November 2011

Foundation will organize third Summer Camp 


Volunteeers will work in 14-days shifts (two weeks) as folow: 

3 June– 17 June 2012
17 June– 1 July 2012
1 July – 15 July 2012
15 July – 29 July 2012
29 July – 12 August 2012
12 August – 26 August 2012
26 August – 9 Septembar 2012


More details coming soon.


2 November 2011

Bosnian Pyramid Alignments - YouTube



7 October 2011

Semir Osmanagic talks about the healing abilities of Ravne tunnels in Visoko, Bosnia - YouTube



6 October 2011

Volunteers on the Archaeological Park project - YouTube




14 August 2011

Volunteers on the Archaeological Park project - YouTube

Volunteers talk about their work on the newly discovered pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia. . . . Lead archaeologist Sara Acconci asks for donations of tools and work.



































































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